Wednesday, November 7, 2012


On Sunday
Elsie Jane
turned FIVE! did that happen!?
Wasn't she my newborn baby
just yesterday!?
 On Sunday we just had a low-key celebration
at home with
our little family and grandma B.
Next Sunday Elsie and Emma are having a
big party together...
a pancake birthday party!
Should be fun!
 Elsie is my big helper...
All on her own she decided it will be her
chore to set the table for meals and help
clear the table off!
And she loves to run downstairs when she hears the buzzer
go off on the dryer
and bring the clean laundry upstairs for me!
Love her helpful heart!
 Elsie is getting closer and closer to reading!
She knows the sounds of all the letters
pretty good...and
sometimes I catch her trying to sound out words herself!
Elsie loves letters and writing.
And art!
Give this girl a notebook and a coloured pencil
and she will be happy beyond happy!
But, don't expect her to talk to you!
She is still as quiet as ever...
unless she feels comfortable with you,
then she will talk your arm off!
She is reserved...just like her mama!
 And she is turning into a night owl,
like her mama!
She loves her sleep though,
so her ideal life would be staying up late until she about falls over
with sleepiness...
then sleep in until quite late in the mornings!
{she is just like me!}
Happy Birthday to my big
5 year old girl!
You are perfect.
You give us a reason to smile everyday.
Now, just slow down that growing up,
I think if we dare blink
we will find you all
grown up!

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