Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Finally getting around to posting
Halloween pictures...
fashionably late.
Go figure.
Life with a newborn and 2 busy kids!
This year Halloween was on a super cold night.
I had planned on walking the neighborhood with the kids.
I planned on bundling the baby up and
wearing her in the sling.
But, It was far too cold.
So Grammie, Papa Wayne and Auntie Ceara
walked around with the kids
while I sat in the cozy warm car with the baby.
It probably would have been just as easy for me to stay home
with the baby,
but I wanted to get in on the fun too!

Elsie was a Yellow Princess...
with red and pink hair
and lots of make up.
It's Halloween, so I let my kids have plenty of
freedom and fun when getting ready.
Even though red and pink hair didn't quite go with the
princess theme, we went with it and
she had a blast!
I love how happy and excited she was!
James was our little Dirt Bike dude.
His costume was super easy, since we already had everything!
He did request a goatee like Daddy has...
and we even found one with long braids just like Daddy's!
He was all excited to go Trick-or-treating.
He practiced all day saying
{in his own funky little way of talking!}
Not sure though if he really said
when knocking on doors though!
I bought everything I needed for a
prego Halloween costume for myself...
But, Baby was born early!
So the night before Halloween,
I stayed up making her some little wings
and we turned her into a
baby Ladybug!
I went dressed as a mother...haha!
My three crazy kids...
Elsie was very excited to stand and hold the baby!
We always go
with the aunties...
It will be sad when the aunties are too old
for Halloween!
9 day old
little ladybug...
have you ever seen anything so cute!?
While the car was warming up,
the girls had to admire that little
Our first stop was Ceara and Ted's house...
as you can tell, the kids were a little excited!
We went to Gradma B.'s house,
walked up and down her street
then headed over to my sister Jessica's house.
Her kids were done trick-or-treating
thus no costumes!
Our last stop was Taco John's!
We even ate in...which is a huge, huge treat to my kids!

Judging by the amount of candy the kids
came home with,
I think it was a successful year!
The next morning the kids woke up sick
with bad belly aches.
It's still a mystery if it was the case of
too much candy or a touch of the flu.
Either way, we had a laying on the couch in pj's
kind of day.
And the kids are still afraid to eat their Halloween candy
because they feel that is what made them sick.
I don't argue!

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