Monday, November 12, 2012

Growing, growing, growing...

Angelina is 3 weeks old today...
how time flies!
Last week Angelina had her 2 week
weight check.
She certainly is growing!
She now weighs
8lbs 9.5 oz!
The Dr. couldn't believe how much she gained!
{She started at 7lbs 4oz}
And she grew about 2"!
I guess all this nursing is paying off!
She has always been a super good nurser...
and a very aggressive nurser...
it took almost 2 weeks to finally nurse with no pain!
Thank goodness for Lanolin!!
Angelina is proving to be a perfect little baby...
she sleeps super good.
She only wakes up twice at night for a quick
feeding, then goes right back to sleep.
And she likes to sleep in!
Most mornings she doesn't get up until after 8:30!
And she likes nice long naps...
the best part is, she likes to fall asleep in my arms!
Love those baby cuddles and can't quite get enough!
So far, out of the two times we have brought her to church,
she has happily slept the whole time in the sling.
Hope that will continue for a long while!
And she doesn't seem to mind her brother and sister's loud play...
she sleeps right through it.
I make it a point to not tell them to be quiet,
in hopes of her being able to always sleep through
noise...because we are a noisy house!
She also doesn't mind her brother and sister's rough play!
While they are gentle with her,
they sometimes get rough near her...
which sometimes results in a little whack, or an elbow
in the head...
she usually just sleeps right through it all!
She has out grown her preemie and some of her
newborn clothes.
The 0-3 month are still a little big though.
The other kids wore preemie clothes for a good month!
And she is in the size 1 diapers now...
we were having too many poopie blow-outs
with the newborn size!
Again, the other kids were in the newborn for at least a month...
I guess she truly is my biggest baby and
wants to stay that way!

I find it funny that I think she has gotten so big and
changed so much,
yet when we go out and about,
people always comment on how little she is!
Our perfect little baby girl...

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