Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Angelina is one very loved little girl!
The kids fight over who is going
to hold her first!
Elsie could hold her all day if let her!
James begs to hold the baby...
then is done in about 10 seconds.
He holds her just long enough to plant
several very wet kisses on her head!
And one day he even had to give her a
wet willy in her ear!
I love watching the kids with Angelina.
I love how gentle James is with her.
When she is napping in her moses basket,
James will often put one of his toys in the basket with her...
like a car or a tool.
Because she likes it, he assures me while
nodding his head!
James is very protective over his little sister...
If someone else is holding the baby, he is
quick to point out that is
Our baby!
I think he must be afraid someone is going to walk off
with our baby!
Elsie is like a little mother already!
I love watching her gently talk to her sister...
and stroke her fingers.
She is very proud of the fact that she can put the baby
to sleep, and she always stays sleeping so
More than once I have heard Elsie telling Angelina,
"I prayed for a sister, and look who God gave me, you!"
Melt my heart!
I have also heard Elsie telling
Angelina about getting her ears pierced...
and how Angelina will get her ears done when she older
and they can share earrings!
I can only imagine all the primping and girly things
these two will do together!

I think it's safe to say
this girl is
After all,
We all prayed for a perfect little baby...
and look how that prayer was answered!

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