Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our Sunday...

A peek into our Sunday Afternoon...
Sunday morning started a bit too early.
James woke us all up by 8am happily
announcing the sun was up and we all needed to get up.
He wakes Elsie up every morning with his happiness.
And Elsie is not a morning person!
Since Sunday was Jon's only full day off this week,
we decided to be nice and let him sleep in.
So, we cuddled on the couch before
making pancakes for breakfast.
 Every Sunday Jon and Elsie go to church together.
It is the cutest thing.
It's like their little Father/Daughter outing.
This week, I could have gone...but didn't.
I kinda think Jon doesn't want James and I to go
and "mess up" their little thing!
So, James and I stayed home and read stories.
And I promised James we would all go as a family next week.
 After Church,
it was tickle time with Daddy.
Both kids love rough-housing with Daddy.
 Elsie and Jon sometimes have a difficult time "connecting"...
but since I have had to let Jon take the lead so I can rest,
I have watched Jon and Elsie become closer.
I like that.
I love watching them together.
I love that Elsie willingly calls herself a daddy's girl.
 James turn for tickles...
James think his daddy is amazing...
He waits for daddy to get home every weekend...
then follows him around all weekend long!
And I love that out of the blue James has
started calling Jon by his name,
not daddy!
Elsie went through that same phase.
 A moment of relaxing after all the tickles.
Daddy brought the kids to the park to play.
Then to Grammies to get Elsie's bike so they could go on a bike ride.
Daddy is good at wearing the kids out with plenty of
fresh air!
 Because I don't think Jon is quite ready to relinquish
all this weekend tasks,
he volunteered to go grocery shopping.
He has been into buying bulk...
like 3 bottles of ketchup when 1 was on the list.
So our pantry is certainly very full right now!
Though, I won't complain, saves me
from lots of trips to the store!
One thing I will complain about though is the squash.
I only buy Buttercup...
because that's all my mom cooks.
Jon bought butternut and spaghetti.
They don't taste as sweet.
and I don't know how to cook the spaghetti kind.
Next time I better go squash shopping myself!
 After dinner the kids kept busy playing.
Now that we are back at home,
all their toys are new again and they keep busy for hours!
And yes, my son loves playing dolls.
He gently puts them to sleep,
feeds them, changes them...
then put them in the stroller for a ride from hell!
He isn't one bit gentle when it comes to pushing strollers.
It's more of "see how fast we can go"
and "oh look 2 wheels"
and "oops, baby fell out and I ran her over"
not to mention that he must make a
super loud reeving up noise while pushing the stroller...
like a giant pick up with no muffler of something.
And he does it all while wearing pink high heel dress up shoes.
He makes us laugh.
 And Elsie is becoming quite the little lady.
She saw a basket of laundry waiting to be folded
and announced that she would fold it all!
She did a pretty good job of folding!
Today she told me she needs some chores to do,
but we need to call her chores
because that's what the Dugger's call their chores!
Her mind is always spinning...
 As I cleaned up the kitchen from dinner
Daddy read the kids plenty of bedtime stories!
Both kids love stories.
James loves boy books, Elsie loves girl books.
Surprisingly enough they do a perfect job
of taking turns reading
one of Elsie's and one James...
back and forth...
until our voices are raw and our eyes are going crossed eyed.
These kids would read books all day!
We had a perfect Sunday afternoon...
the "doing nothing of importance",
yet doing the most important thing of all...
Enjoying being a Family.

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