Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have been on the count down for
weeks to be able to go shopping.
Ceara and I wrote it on our calendars the day I was
free from the couch to go shopping!
We planned on traveling over an hour to
the "big city" with better shopping...
but in the end we just shopped local.
It was probably a good idea.
It felt SO good to get out and shop again.
Jon has done an amazing job with keeping up on household
things like the shopping, he even went
clothing shopping for new pants for James!
Jon and James had a
daddy/son day and had fun visiting
Grandma B and going on bike rides and walks...
And Elsie, Ceara and I shopped till we {I} about dropped!
{Well, really we only went to couple stores.}
Target was top of the list...
Elsie was happy because she was in desperate need of
new clothes...
socks, shirts, pants, pj's...this girl needs to stop growing!
So, she picked out her clothes and we headed to the fitting room.
 This was the purchase that made Elsie the happiest...
and makes me laugh the most!
I have never bought my kids fuzzy Pj's.
I think they are silly.
But last Christmas James received a pair...
as a joke I put them on him before returning them.
Joke on me...
He loved them!
Which inspired Elsie to want a pair.
I figured since she begged and begged for them,
we would give in this year.
She was over-the-moon happy!
She now is debating cutting the feet off though...
and she wakes up in the middle of the night to unzip them.
But happy!
 By the time we made it to Kohl's
my belly needed rest so I didn't give birth in the
home good isle.
That would have been too embarrassing for me.
So, after picking Elsie out more clothes we headed for the
fitting room again.
I lounged on the floor.
Elsie tried on clothes.
And somehow Ceara slipped her wooden
Turkey under the door with the
statement of, "guard my turkey"
{Because I am sure everyone else in the store was coveting
that one turkey!?}
 I guarded the turkey well.
Elsie got plenty of new clothes.
We had a fun day...
We probably laughed too much,
people watched too much
{and made of fun of people}
Ate too much junk
Spent too much money...
But it was all worth it!
 And my big purchase of the day...
{or rather what I was most excited about}
A bun thing from Clair's!
{I am sure there is better name for it?}
Elsie and I each got one.
We are stylin' now!
I may have been coveting my sister's since the
end of August.
Well worth the wait!
* I discovered my phone has nearly 2,000 pix on it.
And since I hardly get around to doing my
Friday post anymore,
I am dedicating this week to
all phone pix!
Sorry if it gets a little random and boring!*

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