Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Afternoon at the Park...

These pictures were taken quiet some time ago...
I was on strict bedrest, but Ceara and I loaded the kids up anyhow
and went into town.
Grandma B's boyfriend
{that sounds funny...they have been together since Jon and I first started dating!}
was having surgery to remove his cancer infected kidney the next day...
and the kids wanted to bring him a little card they made
and some treats.
When we got into town the kids were hungry,
so we stopped and got Tacos
and ate them in the park first.
This park is always a favorite because of the huge
Water Fountain!
And there are 2 play grounds
and lots of sidewalks for walking.
Since I was already sneaking away from bedrest,
the kids only got to play at one play area and the fountain...
thank goodness Ceara was with though to
do all the "child chasing" while I sat at the picnic table!
Before we headed into town Elsie borrowed
the aunties Nerd Glasses...
and she wore them the whole time...
seriously though, can ya get any cuter?
I don't have many good pictures of the two kids together.
So I asked James to stand by his sister
so I could get a good picture of them...
They both look so cute...
Happy and both smiling at the camera...
...and Just like that it was over.
Elsie didn't even know the sweet little photo shoot was over!
James had just noticed that his little friend Braylon
had dared to pick up a pinecone and toss it into the fountain.
I mean, I am sure he must have known James had
wanted that exact pinecone...
never mind that there were dozens and dozens
of pinecones on the ground!
The picture makes me laugh every time...
Ceara quickly jumped in and assured
James there were plenty more pinecones laying around.
So happiness and tranquility
were restored once again to our little afternoon outing!
We did give the kids coins to toss into the fountain...
but at the rate those boys wanted to toss things in,
we would have been out of coins in 10 seconds flat...
so pinecones were the next best thing...
My little water~lovin' boy.
I am sure he would jumped at the chance to
swim in the fountain had we let him.
But sometimes we use manners and stay out of
fountain swimming...

Love this picture...
It's like the boys are having a little conversation.
I would imagine the conversation had something to do with seeing
how wet they could get!
James and Braylon are often a deadly combination together!
I think he was trying to get his
coins back...
he didn't succeed.
My more dignified girl...
playing at the park area.
Love those nerd glasses!
In the end we had a fun little afternoon outing.
When we got home the kids were pooped out.
James had one melt down after another.
First he took a spoon and was digging where I told him not to.
And we got a massive amount of black dirt in both eyes.
It took both my mom and I to hold him down and
wash his eyes out with eye wash.
A few hours later he still had chunks of dirt coming out
of his eyes.
And the boy is a puker...
he gets worked up and he pukes.
So he puked as we were trying to wash his eyes out.
After that incident he had another huge melt down
and even my dad couldn't control him!
After a l.o.n.g time of serious crying
{and running, gaging, puking, screaming...}
he calmed down enough to read a book...
and he fell asleep.
Needless to say, I think the park
and no nap
wore him out!
{In this last pix he is all cuddled up under the bed...
that was where he finally calmed down then came out and
cuddled for a book like all was fine!}
Kids are weird sometimes!

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