Wednesday, October 10, 2012

36 Weeks!!

That's right...
You read that correct...
I am now 36 weeks!!
Actually I am 36 and a half weeks!
Which means I am off bedrest...
and the baby is technically full term and
can be born any day she so chooses!
I had a Dr. apt yesterday...
I have dilated a little more...
but she gave me the all clear for our big shopping day this Saturday!
I have a list of several stores I need to go to...
but, in all truth I will probably barely make it through one
before feeling like I may give birth right then and there!
Most days I can barely walk from the living room
to the kitchen without stimulating contractions...
so we'll see how shopping goes!
Now that I am off Bedrest we are back to living at home
while Jon is working out of town all week.
It is so nice to be back at home...
and attempting to get all those little
"nesting" things done.
Yesterday the kids and I washed all the baby clothes,
and laid out the special outfit, hat, blankets and hairbow
Angelina will be coming home in...
We are all just slightly excited!
When I was prego with Elsie we had been living down south,
but due to the pre-term labor
I moved up north with my parents so they could
"take care of me".
So, Jon was left working 4 hours away.
Thankfully I went into labor on a weekend when he
was up north with me!
With James, Jon was again working out of town...
like 6-8 hours away.
When I thought I was going into labor
I called Jon and he started for home.
When I called him to say we were headed to the Hospital
he was 2 hours away still...
but he made it to the hospital with an hour to spare!
This time I am hoping for a weekend again...
but if not, at least he is only working a couple hours away
at hopefully he will make it again!
My mom and sisters Lisa, Laura and possibly Marissa
plan to be in the room also.
We also told Elsie she can come in the room and watch too...
she said so long as it isn't the middle of the night!

I would like to hope this will be my last belly post.
However, I know babies have a mind of their own.
My due date is the 4th of November
So I could still have a whole month left...
though I hope not.
I think we are all ready to meet little
Angelina Viviana!

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