Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bath Time...

My kids slightly love bath time.
I am also embarrassed to say baths have become a
not so regular thing around here!
It's a little tough to give nightly baths while on bedrest!
Elsie is more of a shower person,
which is nice because then she do her own hair!
Last weekend Jon gave the kids not just a regular bath...
but a Bubble Bath!
They had a ton of fun!
And I am happy to say that James climbed out of the tub
and peed in the potty all by himself!
Elsie has never peed in the tub,
and I think just maybe James will follow in her footsteps!
I think that my kids spend just as much time
out of tub as in the tub
during bath time.
The floor is always drenched with water!
James kept getting out of the tub
to give Elsie room to "float"
as soon as she would get relaxed,
James would reach over and tickle her belly and giggle!
Every time it would catch Elsie off guard.
Glad they know how to have a good time and
laugh together!
He was giving me the
Evil Eye look
because I didn't want him to throw
bath scrubbies full of water at me!
Bad mom, I know!

Happy kids in the tub.
It was after getting out of tub that the un-happiness started.
We washed James hair in the kitchen sink.
I am sure the neighbors could hear his cries
and screams of terror!
I know this too is just a phase.
Elsie used to act the same way...
now she calmly has her hair washed
in the shower, the tub or the sink with no tears!
Of course after the hair washing comes the fun part...
the blow drying!
James and Elsie took turns blow drying each others hair...
so cute!

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