Thursday, October 4, 2012

Zoned Out...

I have always said how much I wished my
kids would just zone out
for a little while in front of the tv.
Well, we have finally discovered a show that James
will completely zone out in front of...
giving us 30minutes of {almost} pure peaceful bliss.
I say almost because the show is Cailou.
yep, that beyond annoying whiny, bald boy.
Love that James goes from watching
Nitro Circus
to the little bald boy!
My parents have 9 Cailou shows recorded on DVR for James...
so we can turn a show anytime we needed!
Being that we have chosen not to have TV at our house,
I am not sure what we will do when we go home
for that lovely 30minutes of bliss.
We may have to buy a video or two...
though Elsie has been begging to get tv again...
{but Jon and I are holding our ground and saying
no way, so our kids don't become regular tv zombies!}
I will admit though,
during those lovely 30min of bliss...
I completely understand why people stick their kids
in front of the tv!

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