Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Swings and Apples...

I have said it before,
my kids are major outside kids...
they both have a need for a little fresh air every day.
By a little fresh air,
I mean they spend all afternoon outside.
They come in when dinner is ready...
and they come in filthy dirty!
I think just about every night calls for at least
a stand up foot bath if not a
full bath!
Not sure how they are going to react to the
cooler weather that is coming our way
all too soon!
Grammie and Papa Wayne have a couple
Apple Trees in the front yard...
which means that the kids just run to the tree
and grab an apple
when they get hungry!
We have an apple tree in our yard, too...
but this year the birds and squirrels mostly ate them!
James is a major apple lover...
he eats the entire apple,
meaning the core and all!
He does spit the seeds and stems out!
An Apple a day keeps the Dr. away...
and the way my kids eat apples
they should never have to visit the Dr!

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