Tuesday, September 11, 2012


When Daddy announces he is making a quick trip to the store,
it is a pretty safe bet that he will have 2 little people in tow!
I love that Jon never seems to care what the kids look like,
Elsie is wearing a tiny 4t romper with her cowboy boots...
so carefree!
If I happen to go with them to the store,
I get to wait in the car...
and I like to pretend to be the paparazzi and snap fun photos
of my family.
{okay, sometimes, I even take pix of random people!}

I love capturing the simple
carefree moments of childhood.
These are the moments I want to remember...
because these simple moments create
warm fuzzies that will forever
be embedded in my children's memory...
And those memories will let me know that I have indeed
succeeded in parenting.

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