Sunday, July 15, 2012


Our weekend was a crazy one, a good and happy weekend filled to the brim, but oh so busy and crazy! We have had nothing short of late nights, lots of family, and hot weather for the last several days. And the big event of the summer...My little sister, Ceara got married! So, yes, crazy around here to say the least! But, a good kind of crazy.
My blogging has been not very regular maybe sometime I will get around to those 4th of July pictures, James birthday pictures...and the Wedding Pictures!! Sometimes I think we lead a boring little life and just don't do anything...then I look through our pictures and realize we are always doing something...too many little things to even begin to keep up with on  the blog! {or maybe we just take too many that possible!?} This week just may have to be a catch-up week on the blog so next week can be a wedding week!
{These slip-n-Slide pictures were taken weeks ago...and they were just to cute not to share! My happy, summer-lovin' girl! and all the lovely junk in the neighbor's yard!}

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