Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot...

Last week the weather was downright brutal here...the temps were over 100'...one day it was 108' with heat index...for we hearty Minnesotans who enjoy -20 temps all winter, it was a shock to our systems! Our Minnesotan bodies are just not made for that kind of heat!
My parents do not have central air...so their house was slightly hot! Thankfully they have a fully finished cool basement! One night my kids just couldn't fall asleep in the upstairs heat, and they had belly aches and head aches due to heat...so at 11:00 at night my mom and sister, Lisa, made us a cozy little bed in the middle of the school room floor downstairs...the coolness felt so good! The next day the kids and I packed up and slept in our house with the central air...set at a perfect 75'...{because we are super spoiled!}
Because we have central air, we don't have any fans around our house...so my kids think the fan at Grammie's house is beyond fun! The enjoy yelling into the fan...and dancing in front of the fan...and cooling off those armpits! When it's hot out, we are perfectly willing to do anything to keep cool...we would have slept outside, but the mosquitoes would have carried us away!
My kids are creatures of habit though...even in that 100' heat they insisted on wearing Pj's...I had James striped down to just a diaper...but he threw a little fit until I put pj's on him! Elsie did sleep in just undies and a cami...for half the night...she woke up in the middle of the night and freaked out until I gave her some shorts! Crazy kids! I would have gladly slept in just my undies and a cami...but I think that would have been more that my family could handle...haha!
I have never been bothered by heat...when I was just 8' off the equator in Africa, the lady I shared a room with said I made her feel slightly jealous because I could lay there and sleep with no problems while she was dying of heat! Since being pregnant though the heat does not agree quite so well with me! I am happy to report though that this week the weather is a much more agreeable temp of high 80' with not so much humidity...so we are no longer dying of heat around here!

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