Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Beach...

Last week I promised 4th of July, Birthday and Wedding pictures...instead I just didn't get around to blogging at all! So, for this week, I give you yet more beach pictures!
This summer has been one of the hottest summers on record in we have been spending plenty of time either at the beach or out at the pool at my parents house. Surprisingly enough all the kids prefer the beach over the pool!
My kids both knows the road we take to get the beach...James get excited and starts screaming and Elsie starts yelling, "Oh look, it's Indian Carry Road and the beach!" Now we can't drive past the road that leads to the beach without a little pleading from the kids to please turn and go to the beach!
The beach is actually a very relaxing place to go...I wade in the water until I cool off then I go lay on a blanket by the shore and rest my belly while the kids play. Thankfully the little aunties and Ceara are always with me to help keep an eye on the kids!
Sandy toes on tanned legs...a sure sign of a successful summer!
My little swimmer girl...I can't believe how good she is at swimming...completely self-taught too! Her goal of the summer is to swim out to the buoys...I don't think I will be okay with her doing that since I can't even touch way out there! She was able to use a floaty and go out to the buoys last weekend with the aunties, maybe that will keep her happy!

James is getting a little too used to the water...he sometimes freaks me out a little! He likes to go way out...he hangs onto the dock and just kinda bops along...he bops along until he almost goes under water trying to touch the bottom! When he can no longer touch he just flops forward on his belly and does his best to swim...which mostly ends with a mouth full of water and a quick rescue from whoever is closest! His summer goal is to bop out to the end of the dock or to float under the dock...he is funny and quite a dare devil!
I think James favorite thing to do at the beach though is to give my legs a good mud bath! Good think there is plenty of water for washing all that mud and sand off!
As much as I would like to complain about all the super hot and humid weather we have been having lately, I won't...I keep reminding myself that all too soon we will be 'enjoying' below zero weather and a simple trip to the beach won't make us quite so happy!

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