Monday, June 25, 2012

Elsie Jane...

My girl is growing up...She is getting quite good with using big words...and her use of big words and witty comments always have me laughing! Ever since Elsie was little just over 2 years old, she has used odd words for her age and she always has had a good concept of what those words meant. At age of 2 her favorite word to use was "actually"...I now realize that is kinda an odd word for a 2 year to know and use properly! Her love of words has continued...her favorites that she uses daily include, "Actually", "illegally", "technically"...and my favorite "OMG"...{said like a teenager}!

{Elsie's hair is not this's just the reflection of the pink umbrella! High hopes of baby Angelina's hair being this red though!}
Like I said, she also knows the proper usage of big/odd words. A few weeks ago I was getting ready to go to the store...I told her she could good go with, but if she had any little fits she would have to sit in the car. To which she responded:
"Well, technically that would be illegal"
funny thing is, she said it so seriously she was simply letting me know the law.
How does one respond to that? My discipline method backfired. I tried my darnedest to hide my giggle as I told her what I meant was we would just leave the store.
She makes me laugh...

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