Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Feeding...

James and Elsie are both pretty smitten with their newest little cousin...whenever she comes for a visit the kids practically fight over who gets to hold her! There is no doubt in my mind that when Angelina is born, there will be no shortage of attention for her...I think both James and Elsie will practically smother her with lovin'!
Sometimes when cousin Lydia is visiting, her mama gets busy with her brothers and someone needs to give her a bottle...James is all too happy to do that task! James calls Lydia "Baba" and thinks she needs either a bottle or a paci in her mouth at all times whether she wants one or not! 
Elsie is just as in love with Lydia as James is. After all Elsie and Lydia need to stick together...Lydia is Elsie's only girl cousin...which is kinda funny since my parents had 9 girls and only 1 boy!

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carla said...

i think pregnancy brain has definitely set in for you - we have 8 girls, not 9! silly!! but i agree its rather funny that we had so many girls but now with the grandkids the boys dominate, so far. it'll be interesting to see if the girls catch up in numbers!


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