Monday, May 14, 2012

Surgery Day...

Thursday marked one week since James had his tonsils and adenoids removed. The day of his surgery he was not a happy camper...he was tired, hungry and thirsty. We had to be checked into the hospital by 6am so he could be prepped and ready for surgery by 7am. He never wakes up before waking up at 5:30 was way too much for him! To top things off, the night of his surgery Elsie wound up with a cold and had a bit of fever. So she was SO not a happy camper...and cried and screamed and gaged when she realized Daddy was bringing her to Grammie's house during the surgery! Poor girl...she soon fell back to sleep with Grammie and woke up feeling much better!
At the hospital James was determined to leave...he kept putting his mud boots back on and trying to open the door saying, "Go home" with a nod of his head as though he really thought he could talk Jon and I into bringing him home! He also didn't like the nurses that kept coming in...and he liked them even less when they did things like strap some I.D. bracelets around his ankle!
This picture makes me can see the un-certainty in his eyes...Daddy though he would try to make James a little more okay with everything by playing hide and seek with didn't work!
The nurses gave James some medicine that was supposed to relax him and make him feel calmer...they assured me that with the meds he wouldn't have a problem with going back to the surgery room with them before he was given the sedation medicine. I thought, yeah right. But, we tried it anyhow. He took some of it. He hated the taste of it. He then squirted some on the floor and on we took the syringe away!
That must have been some pretty powerful medicine because in no time he was acting a little drunk! He was kinda funny acting...flopping around and doing anything for a laugh!
Soon the nurses came and said they were ready for him...they asked if he was ready and he held his hands out and willingly went with them! I was shocked! I guess he was looking around and "talking" about things the whole way to the surgery room...he started to cry a little and ask for mama when they laid him down on the table...but 2-3 breaths later he was sound asleep.
He came back about an hour later...crying, screaming, kicking...not a happy boy at all! I guess uncontrollable crying is normal because of the sedation medicine. And his foot hurt him. As he began coming to before they brought him to us, he was thrashing around and he pulled the IV out a little so it blew through a vein...and it was hurting him quite a bit! The nurse said getting him to lay still was like wrestling an alligator...they eventually had to swaddle him and whisk him out to Jon and I. After they pulled the IV out he calmed down some...until he noticed the pulse ox machine attached to his foot...more cries until I took it off him! Silly boy.
A Popsicle made things all better though. His main goal was to leave the hospital...he wanted his mud boots and coat back on as soon as he noticed he was not wearing them...he jumped off my lap to go get them, and he could hardly walk...he looked like a drunk little man wobbling around! He did feel nauseous after a bit...he asked for the trash can and gagged a few times...he never puked, but I think he was wishing he could have! The nurse gave him a cool little puke bag to take home, just in case he needed it on the way home! He never did need it...but he sure enjoyed showing it to his sister and aunties and demonstrating how to use doubting he is all boy!
The first day of his surgery was mostly spend dozing in and out of sleep in mama's arms...we cuddled all day in the rocker. By the next evening he got a fever, a cough and his ears hurt. Being that he had 3 of the 4 'danger' signs we called the dr. The Dr. assured us all was find, his fever wasn't high enough to indicate an infection, the cough was from the breathing tube and the ears hurt because it is quite common for ears to hurt worse than the throat because of nerve endings. We did our best to keep some Tylenol in him to keep the pain at bay...only on really bad days did was give him the vicodine. Today he is all better...he is eating everything, he says his throat doesn't hurt, and his energy level is back! And the good news is the last 2 nights he only woke up twice...which is a big change from the normal 8 times a night due to gaging on those darn big tonsils!

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