Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our Day...

Our days have been pretty lame very lame...we don't get dressed until the afternoon...Our house is trashed...super trashed! Thankfully Jon at least vacuumed and spot cleaned the kitchen floor last weekend. We do leave the house daily though...just to head over to my parents for dinner every night...I am so thankful they are willing to feed us and help me out...we would starve for sure with out them! In all honesty I do not have a "bad case" of morning sickness at is just that I am a huge baby...the nausea is less and less each day and I think just maybe the pure exhaustion is also starting to leave. Mostly I just have huge food aversions which leaves me gaging to just think about food!
I am doing my best to not complain though...I keep reminding myself that our goal was to have another baby and this just goes with it! I did lose it one day and sent my mom some terrible self-pity texts that went something like, "this was a stupid idea to have another baby, never again!!" My mom always sets me strait though and assures me I can handle it and it could be way worse!
Anyhow...while I may not have energy to go to town shopping...I have been taking full advantage of online shopping...the kids love getting the mail and finding a box!
Every day James wakes up and immediately points to the door and says, "go out-side"...this no snow in March was quite a blessing to my little guy! Out of all the mud boots at the store James chose a camo pair...and he has wore them for a month strait...without socks...because both my kids insist it is summer and ya just don't wear socks in the summer. I say less laundry, so we go with it. Only downfall is the super stinky man feet this boy gets...he loves to have people smell his beyond smelly feet...when someone smells them he practically falls over giggling!
It is a daily task for the kids to go get the mail...this is a job they love! They get super bummed on the days we only get one piece of junk mail...but they get so excited when they see the mailbox jam packed with magazines, packages, letters and newspapers! James claims all junk mail as his own and tears into it, leaving pieces all over the house! James is probably the only person who loves junk mail!
Our lunches have been super simple...and that is all I can stomach to write about our lunches...
Both kids work together so patiently on opening up all those packages...Elsie uses the kitchen scissors and James has a little butter knife. James is quite aggressive with his little butter knife and broke it in two! It is now held together with black electrical tape!
My lovely new shoes...For Ceara's wedding! We now have my dress, my shoes and Elsie's dress for the I just need to get my dress majorly altered for a big belly...and find energy to get into town for clothes for the boys!
So, all in all we have boring days...I am just counting down until I feel better...almost 10 weeks along, so it shouldn't be long!!

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ginanorma said...

I don't think those are lame! beautiful days shasta!!!

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