Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Addition...

That's right...we have a new addition to our family...and this new addition lives in the driveway! Ever since we have been married Jon has driven old, old cars...and he is super hard on those old cars which results in needing to buy a new car almost every year! I think his last car he got almost 2 years out of it...not bad for a car under a thousand dollars! But, a couple months ago that old car quit working...it died right in the parking lot at his work! So the time came to invest in yet another car...this time we decided it was time to get a nice car...something much newer and way more reliable!

 One weekend Jon, James and I went to town in search of a car...we drove to ALL the car lots in town...we were almost ready to give up when he spotted his new car! He fell in love with right away...he took it for a test drive...and we came home with it!
 The following weekend we all loaded up in the new car and went to the big town over an hour away...the kids were super excited to ride in the car!! Jon is very particular about his new car and had a hard time letting the kids eat in his new car though...not to mention muddy little feet!
 After that little trip I quickly decided I am a hard core mini-van lover! A little 4 door car with 2 kids and all the stuff we collect along the way did not make a good match! Jon can keep his sporty car...I am more than happy with my good ol' mini-van!
 This is the only thing about Jon's car that scares me...140mph!? I keep on asking how fast he has had it going...he just smirks and won't answer! Knock on wood...no speeding tickets yet...but rest assured, it will happen!!

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