Monday, March 26, 2012

We Are Alive...

Last week was a rough blogging was pushed to the back burner...normally I kinda stress out if I don't blog, but I was feeling so icky last week I didn't even care! Last week found me laying on the couch or the floor...while the kids ran wild through the house! Looking at food is just not my things right now, so we either ate with my family, had my sister Ceara come over and make food or order in food! Everyone made sure we didn't starve and I had plenty of protein to eat...not sure what I would do without my family!
 The kids and I have been spending a fair amount of our time reading books...James has a favorite...the shop manual for the 4-wheeler! He loves for me to read him the page about spark plugs...he always responds the same way, "Uuhhhh" like it was the most interesting thing in the world to him! We also have been watching far too much tv...we have no television so we watch movies...the only movies we ever watch is the Dugger Family and Cars...if I am quite sneaky about it I can sometimes manage to get a Gilmore Girl in the dvd player...but that is a very rare moment!
 The kids have been good though...James loves to take care of me while I lay on the couch. He covers me up with lots of blankets and runs for his little Doctor kit. He listens with his stethoscope, takes my temp and and gives me lots of shots. And he gives me lots of shoulder rubs...he is such a cute little man! 
 James loves to kiss my belly...we call the baby a "Little Raspberry" because that is about the size of the baby.
 We also have been eating way more junk than normal! The kids have had chips, candy, hotdogs, pizza, grilled cheese...lots of not so normal things...they don't seem to mind at all though!
 Elsie has been a super helper...she even volunteered to vacuum the living room floor for me! She loves to take care of her brother...get him a cup of milk or a little girl is growing up!
  I am determined to make this week better than last week...I think the Morning Sickness is starting to that is a wonderful feeling! I still spend way more time than normal on the couch, but I feel like I can function a little better...and I managed to make the kids some lunch I am hoping the food issues are dissipating!
 Elsie is one happy big sister...on our last Ultra Sound we found out the for sure due date...November 4th...which just so happens to be Elsie's Birthday! She is already praying for a sister born on her birthday! James and Elsie were born at 2 and 3 weeks I have high hopes for a October baby...which would be the first October birthday in my family! 
While I am starting to feel better, I doubt I will be blogging regularly quite just be on the look out a post every now and then!

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