Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Laser Bowling...

A few weeks ago the kids and I met my family in town to enjoy a fun evening of bowling...but not just any ol' bowling...Laser Bowling! All afternoon Elsie was excited about going...carefully picking out her outfit in hopes of it glowing in the dark! James had no clue what laser bowling was...but he feeds off his sister's excitement quite well and was just a excited as she was!
The whole bowling ally was dark with lots of strobe lights and flashing lights...and lots of fog...and fun music like Sweet Home Alabama...and prizes for knocking certain pins down! It was a very fun family affair! The only downfall was that the lighting made taking pictures very hard...and these are about all that turned out!
James wanted in on the bowling fun too...everyone was very good at letting him take one of their turns! Since Daddy was out of town working, James liked to have Papa Wayne help him bowl!
As excited as the kids were go bowling, they didn't last very long! They got tired...and Elsie begged to go home and go to bed!

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