Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Day for Green...

St. Patrick's Day is a big thing around our house...Our children are mostly Irish since they get plenty of good Irish blood from both Jon and I. The kids think of St. Patrick's day as "the day we dye our hair green!" Weeks in advance we plan out our clothing...this year Elsie decided on a tulle skirt and we made a little green shamrock tie for James. Thankfully I made everything a week or two before St. Patricks the time St. Patricks day finally rolled around morning sickness had hit me full swing and I was doing good just to pull myself off the couch to go to the parade!
James looked adorable...several random people stopped by and asked to take his picture even! He can wear a green Mohawk like no other!
We sit in the same place every year...right in front of the big Catholic Church...this year we drove right past and got a funny feeling we were "lost"...I guess somewhere between last year and this year they tore the Church down! So we now sit in front of a very large dirt lot!
Our Family...I don't look nearly as bad as I was feeling in this picture! Thank goodness for mints...though I had a very hard time eating mints at the parade after seeing that my dentist was sitting next to my last apt. he told me to stop eating mints if I don't want more cavities!
Jon told me he was going to dye his beard green...but he chickened out! Next year, I will be feeling better and we will both be sporting green hair along with the children! Do you think it would be wrong to give a newborn green hair?
Our little group...this year Laura was the missing one...she was in Florida on spring break.
The parade was super long this lasted for over an hour...tons of fun floats and tons and tons of green! The kids came home with more than enough candy to ensure a good sugar high...James fell asleep on the ride home holding a sucker in one hand and a tootsie roll in the other!

After the parade we went over to my parents house...the guys went down to the Sugar Shack to do maple syrup...And we girls enjoyed a little girl time...until the neighbors from across the street started calling for help with their grass some of the girls went running across the street with shovels in hand to save their house! I even managed to walk over to check it out...morning sickness and all! As it turns out they all worked together and got the fire out...but the fire trucks and the cop still had to come to check it all out. An exciting way to end the afternoon!

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