Friday, April 27, 2012

Daddy's Birthday...

Jon's Birthday was over a month ago...and we celebrated the weekend after his big day...I am just being super late with sharing these pictures! Since I have been unable to go to shopping, Jon bought himself a birthday gift...almost $200 of Fireworks! As soon as he got home from work, he and James went out to set off some of the fireworks. They set off a big firework that shot out little guys with parachutes...they had tiny parachute guys flying all over the yard...I think some parachute guys are still hanging off the neighbor's trees...oops! The kids enjoyed it though!!
Elsie was the one who "designed" the cake for Daddy...she chose a 2 layer chocolate cake with white frosting and 2 barbies sticking out the top with plenty of sprinkles...oh and big number candles! James on the other hand insisted on Cupcakes...even before breakfast he was downstairs getting the cupcake stand out of the pantry! He was happy to fill the cupcake stand with apples and oranges we went with a 2 layer cake! Auntie Ceara came over and picked up Elsie {and my debit card!} and brought her to the grocery store for the cake mix, frosting and candles since grocery shopping makes me gag lately!
After the cake was done baking the kids sat on the table and went to town frosting and decorating! They made a bit of a mess...but they had so much fun that it was worth it! I don't think I have ever had a cake with so much frosting on it!
Elsie's favorite birthday cake was the one I made for her with a  Barbie sticking out the she thought Daddy would really like a barbie cake too...but she said she would stick a guy barbie on top also, so {in her words} "it wouldn't look too gay for him!" She is too funny!
Daddy just smiled and told her it was a perfect cake and that he loved it! Elsie said she tried to make the barbies kiss, but their heads didn't want to stay put...she is too funny!
While James was happy to just eat the frosting, Elsie got very into the little details...she smeared a little frosting on to her barbie's hand then carefully put some sprinkles in barbie's hand. I think I can foresee a future on Cake Boss!
The finished product! A perfectly perfect cake for a perfect Daddy!

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