Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Next Thursday morning we will be waking up extra early and heading up to the clinic so James can have surgery...he will be having his tonsils and adenoids removed. Poor little boy!
 Ever since James was a little baby he has had breathing issues...specifically at night. He has been diagnosed with sleep apnea caused from his large tonsils. While observing him for his sleep study, we noticed he would hold his breath than wake up gasping or choking on his tonsils. It is far worse and very scary when he has a cold! At first we though he had ashma...but after a month of nightly breathing treatments, it was clear that was not the problem!
 While at his pre-op a few days ago, the surgeon said on a scale of 1-4 his tonsils are a 3/4. Only one side of his tonsils touch his uvula...if both side did he would have been at a 4. During the day when he cries we can see his tonsils touching the uvula...which results in plenty of gaging...not fun for him! He panics when he starts to gag...which results in even more gaging!
 After his surgery he needs to remain calm for 10 days...if you have ever met James you will know this is going to be next to impossible!! We were told he can be as loud as he wants...just no activities that are going to affect his blood pressure or increase his heart rate...like I said it's going to next to impossible! Thankfully Daddy will be home for his recovery, so as long as Jon can keep him busy with 4-wheeler rides and playing in the sandbox I think all be okay! Elsie is just excited because she heard the dr. say we need to push lots of fluids in the 10 days after surgery...and the dr. recommended we offer him plenty of ice-cream, Popsicles, slushies...anything to make sure he is getting fluids...and Elsie knows if her brother gets all that fun stuff, she does too!
 So, if you think of us next Thursday...please say a little prayer. I think I want to cry just thinking about sending my sweet little guy off for surgery...and all the pain his poor little mouth will be in...poor little guy. While I know there plenty of parents and children out there that face far, far more difficult surgeries that this, it still breaks my heart!

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ginanorma said...

Oh no :( I will pray for him!

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