Sunday, April 22, 2012


After the unfeeling and rude comments I talked about in my last post, I have had a hard time writing too much about any of the details of this pregnancy. I am afraid of the way certain people twist things around and spread gossip. So, as you can tell, my blogging has become less frequent because I was having a difficult time knowing what to write and what not to write. But, after much thinking and praying, I have decided it is not right that I let my own fear hold me back. This blog has always been meant as an online Life Book for our family...what kind of a life book would it be if I willingly choose to keep out big details of our life? So, from here on out I will be sharing what I want without fear...If anyone wants to think negative or twist the truth around from what I am writing, I find that sad. Sad for the people who cannot find joy, happiness and contentment and try to bring others down. I will not allow myself to be brought down.
Now...on with our story...
I had morning sickness, complete with puking while pregnant with Elsie. I had almost no morning sickness other than extreme exhaustion with James. I was hoping for the no morning sickness again this time...but it was the 'bad' kind this time around. Puking, tired, food aversion, no kids ran wild. The house was beyond messy. Thank goodness my mom fed us, otherwise we would have survived on dry cereal! I am happy to say the morning sickness part is almost gone. I thought the food aversion had gotten better...but last week I needed some groceries so I went up to the store, parked the car, looked at my list and almost threw up on the spot! Needless to say, I went home empty handed and my good ol' dad went up to the store for my groceries! I have high hopes this too will go away soon, but my mom and my older sister assure me food issues get worse with the more babies you have. Oh joy! Adoption next, I say! Oh yes, and just to complete the lovely picture...I forgot to mention the PUPPP rash I get all over! That is fun, let me tell ya...there is nothing quite as fun as having a super itchy rash on my legs, hips and elbows...I am happy to say that is gone now too. I used my secret weapon to stop the itches...banana peels! It sounds crazy, but it really works...just peel a ripe banana, rub the skins on the rash, let it dry, wipe it off and the itches will be gone! I am so lucky as to get the rash in the first trimester, the third-trimester and shortly after giving birth too. I am a lovely mess when pregnant!
I am on the count down...only 4 more weeks until we find out if we will be buying more pink or blue! Elsie says which James responds with, "no, boy!" One of them will be happy! I could go either way...a brother for James, or a sister for Elsie. Jon has never had any "requests" with the other 2 and won't say this time either. He just says, "it is what it is...another girl, another boy...whatever."
I am sad to say that my lovely contractions have started again...already! I felt the first braxon hicks at 9 weeks. By 10 weeks I was feeling true contractions. Because I am so early there is no medicine I can take to make the contractions stop. Given my history though, we have moved into my parents house again so I can take it easy and be on bedrest as needed. I am beyond thankful that my parents {and sisters} are so willing to take care of Elsie and James, feed us, let me take over the little sisters have even willingly given up their bedroom so the kids and I can have a place to sleep! Thankfully my kids love being here...they wake up happy each morning to be at Grammie's and play all day with the aunties! I am so, so blessed to have such an amazing family...perfectly willing to do this 3 times now! Either my parents are just over joyed at getting another child and so willing to help, or they are perfectly crazy...after putting up with us for the next 160+ days they probably will go crazy! {sorry and thank you mom and dad!}
Last weekend I began to experience the famous super low pressure I get when pregnant...the kind of pressure that makes me almost pee my pants when I stand up! Lovely, I know! After having some tests done the doctor has decided the pressure and contractions are just caused from having an "irritable uterus"...I was hoping it would be caused from a cyst so I would have some hope of it going away. So, I guess this will be a long road ahead of us...good news is, the due date is less than 200 days away now! {that is just my sarcastic way of staying positive!}
We had a 4th ultrasound done this week...the baby is very active...and has a strong heart beat! As much of a pain as this is to be on bedrest and take it easy...and not be able to do any shopping!...I know it is worth it...I cannot wait to hold this little one in my see James and Elsie with their brother or sister...Our family is growing and we couldn't be happier!

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