Tuesday, March 13, 2012


My kids are learning the art of tattling and fighting quite well...I swear I will not miss the phrase, "mommm...tell James to get out of my room, he is messing up my barbies!" Thankfully James cannot speak quite as fluently...yet! But he is pretty darn good at using body language, peppered with sign language to get his point across when his sister is annoying him!
I am happy to say though that 98% of the time they get along so well...it is so sweet! One afternoon I walked by the bedroom door and found the kids sitting, side by side on the bed...looking at books together. It was a sweet moment. 
 I love the patients and gentleness Elsie has with her brother...and I love the fact that James knows that Elsie can take care of whatever he needs. Quite often he prefers her over me to do simple little things like give him a cup of water! I find it to be melt-your-heart kind of sweetness. My greatest hope is that as they grow older they will always be each others best pals...
 I cannot wait until there are 3 little ones...they are both very excited about the new baby...Elsie has helped explain to James that there is a baby in Mommy's tummy...so he enjoys giving the baby kisses. One day he insisted I keep a little toy puppy under my shirt for the baby! I think the sweetness will get a whole lot sweeter when there are 3 little ones!
 Sometimes James can be a little bit overbearing at times...sometimes he just gets a little too annoying to his sister...and sometimes she loses her patiens with him and yells or hits at him. She is always filled with remorse after she calms down...sometimes I understand where she s coming from! When we are saying our bedtime prayers we have both been praying for more self-control. The more we pray about self control and talk about it, the more I see Elsie taking a deep breath and turning away when her brother gets to be a little too much. I love watching Elsie mature and figure out life as she gets older.
 James prayer at night is that he will remember to watch his hands and not let them get into mischief. The prayers must be working...because a few weeks ago while in the grocery store check out he knelt down on the floor in front of the candy rack...I told him not to touch anything...so he folded his hands together and just looked! I was having a "look at my son, I am so proud" moment...when quick as a wink he grabbed a package of gum and tried to run off! He had to put the gum back. I guess we will keep on working on the hands prayer!
 Love these two...I think they are pretty perfect...and I tell them that quite often!

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