Monday, March 12, 2012


We like to create messes around here...mostly art messes...our art hutch is always a perfect mess...but, I kinda like it that way! A good artist knows how to get messy...a clean artist is just no fun at all! A good artist gets so carried away in their imagination that it leaves little time to be clean! While the kids can use the water colours anytime they want because they are so easy...we reserve the "big paints" for special projects and when I can help them! If these kids are left alone for one second with these paints, there is no telling what they would be painting!
 a good artist also uses several mediums in her artwork...which is why the table is covered in paint, water colour, do-a-dot, stickers, stamps, sequins...and who knows what else!
 Good thing Crayola is washable! James loves to dump the little containers of paint out on his paper...we usually are unable to save any of his pictures because the paint is so thick it would take days to dry!
 Elsie loves making handprints on her paper! I love that she is slowly getting old enough to know not to paint her legs, belly and arms...unlike her little brother...he will get there some day!
 Sometimes a super good artist must sit on the table to get a whole new angle of his artwork! I was busy painting a little picture with Elsie and looked up to find James rolling across the table...right through his freshly painted picture...unique art indeed!
Our painting time always ends with bath time...and the bath water is always an icky shade of brown from so much paint in the water. I am half embarrassed to admit that since morning sickness has kicked in, I could only muster the energy to let them paint...we skipped the bath...we used a washrag to get the big blobs of paint off. Good news though...they went to bed with paint stained on their legs and elbows...and woke up clean! I was going to call it a miracle...then I saw the sheets.

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ginanorma said...

Awww you are right about what you were saying about the so true! they get messy, they use several mediums, you nailed it all

adorable pics!!!

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