Thursday, March 8, 2012

Embrace the Camera {shopping with the little man}

I love ideal weekend would be spending a full day shopping. I like to shop till I drop. My little guy is the opposite! Elsie stayed home with the little aunties and Papa Wayne. I decided it would be easier on Papa Wayne if I took James with me! 20 minutes into our shopping day, I was wishing I had left him and taken Elsie with instead! Thankfully I wasn't shopping alone and my Mom and sister, Laura were with me!
 I love these pictures...they show my little guy's personality quite well. Never still for more than one second!
 Fitting rooms and little boys do not mix well. He may or may not have peeked under the door of random people...several times in multiple stores!
 Clothing racks are a dangerous thing for little kids...James enjoys hiding in the middle of them! More than once I have panicked only to find him crawling out from the middle of a clothing rack!
 You might look at these pictures and say, "well that crazy mother, why doesn't she just put him the stroller?" Trust me, I would if I could! This boy sees a stroller and thinks I am sentencing him to life in prison! It gets ugly...cries, screams, standing up, falling's safe to say that losing him in a clothing rack is the safer option with this boy!
 For James the highlight of the trip was riding the escalator...we may have ridden it 3 times in a row...just because they are fun and we don't have anything that fancy in our little ol' town!
We had a fun shopping trip...Laura got plenty of new clothes for Spring Break...and I came home with far too many bags also!

I am linking up with the Anderson Crew again for Embrace the camera...


Brandi said...

Shopping feels the same way for me--clothing racks and escalators!

The Popes said...

I feel your pain! I took my 2 year old with me last week and nearly had to run out of the dressing room naked when he escaped under the door! Kid was QUICK!

Don't worry, I got him back without any streaking!

MnM said...

Love the real life shots!

Happy Embracing!

kristy.lynn @ kristy.makes said...

i don't know how you do it!! i couldn't live without my stroller when shopping with my 18 month old! though he's FAR better than his 7 year old brother ever was shopping... but chasing around a little one & trying to shop?! you need a mommy award for that one! :)

Janel said...

I love how you've documented a "regular" shopping trip. It's something when the wee ones grow up, that we'll forget what it was like with a toddler in tow! I love the title of your blog by the way!! (Stopping by from the Embrace the Camera link party.)

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