Friday, February 24, 2012

Phone Dump...

Last week we were out of town and I skipped my Friday Phone some of these are from last week. Also, I lost my DSLR last most of my phone pictures are being saved for weekly posts...enjoy...
1. Last week Jon had to get some new clothes...he hates shopping as it is...add 2 crazy kids in the mix and it 10x worse...I just laugh!James kept crawling under the door and opening it up while Jon was changing...good thing we were the only ones in the fitting room!
 2. I think our next house should have a big 3 sided mirror...the kids love it...and its great for taking vain pictures of myself! haha.
 3. I don't think I need to explain this one. Let's just say, this was our last stop and the kids were tired of being good little shoppers. I miss the days of a certain little man wanting to ride in a cart!
 4. We put Elsie's hair up in rags the night before Valentine's day...she loves doing rags!
 5. Nice weather = a carwash! James slept in the back seat the whole time...I thought for sure the loud noises would wake him up!
 6. Trying out my new phone. Something happened to my old phone and it simply wouldn't work any longer. I lasted 2 days of not being able to access the Internet or my apps before I told Jon I needed a new phone!! He is a good kind of husband and gave me the money to get a new phone...I am just a little spoiled by him sometimes!
 7. James got his first big boy hair cut. My plan was to let it grow long and shaggy for the winter and get a little mowalk this summer...but it was starting to look like a mullet...not the look I wanted on my sweet little guy! So, my sister got her shears out and trimmed it up. I am sad to say we lost all his hair cutting pictures when we lost the camera.
 8. We have no tv to watch here...just DVD' Jon enjoys spending his evening watching CSI on hulu...with his earphones on so I don't have to listen to it...he knows I detest that show like you wouldn't believe!
 9. I made a special little treat for the kids...Lilly Pad Pancakes! It is pretty much pureed peas, an egg, a little water and some flour...they love them!
 10. Elsie has been saving her money for a Barbie Camper...let my rephrase...a $90 Barbie Camper! Over the weekend she got some Christmas money and Valentine money from Jon's she finally had enough! She was just slightly happy as she skipped into the toy store...and very proud to plunk her own money down on the counter!
 11. We got a long roll of paper at Ikea...the kids love it...very creative kids!
 12. One evening my sister came over to work on wedding stuff...we pulled out my Cricket machine and got busy making hearts for her cupcake toppers...they are going to be so darn cute!
 13. This week James has decided it is high time he puts on some big boy undies and gets potty trained. Personally, I am not ready, but I guess he thinks he is. First thing in the morning he takes his diaper off and runs naked. The first morning he peed twice on the floor...and twice in the potty! I was pretty impressed with his ability to express his need to go pee and get on the potty in time! I kinda want him to stay my baby for a little longer though!
 14. My shadow and me...I love having a couple of shadows!
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JoKnows said...

I love Elsie's hair. I wish I knew how to do that! Shopping with kids is indeed a special challenge. Enjoy your week.

ems said...

Found your blog via instafriday. Love it! Your family looks adorable, and I can definitely relate to life with little shadows:)

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