Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I am posting these pictures a month after our Christmas celebration with Grandma B. It is not unusual for me to take 100 pictures in a I am just slightly behind on blogging to say the least! Not having a camera for next few weeks will maybe help me get caught up be prepared for "old" pictures!
 This year we celebrated Christmas with Grandma B. a month after Christmas...due to everyone having busy schedules! We thought we were going to have to cancel out on celebrating with everyone though...both the kids were just getting over some terrible colds/respetory issues...and Elsie was having a really hard time shaking the illness. After talking with the Dr. on the phone, we both felt fairly certain Elsie had Mono. Every day she was begging for bed at the idea of making her stay up to celebrate Christmas didn't sound like a good plan. But, she suddenly started feeling a little better and was able to go!
 Every year I tell Grandma B. that we need to take a Family picture...and every year we forget! This year, I forgot the trypod...but we still remembered to take a family picture!!  Even the dog had to be in the picture!
 Grandma B. and Patrick with the grandkids...
 It was a little tricky getting the kids to all be still...and I think James managed to open up Grandma B's gift while sitting still for the pictures!
 James loves to tear into packages! He was quite happy to open up some tool sets...he plays with those tools every day! He seems to think that drill can solve all problems he may encounter!
 I could tell Elsie was not quite herself...she just sat there with her gifts still wrapped watching the little kids. She did eventualy open her gifts...all slow and gentle...the complete oposite of her brother!

 Jon and Joyce...Jon smiling with his eyes not doing wonky things...a keeper for sure!
 After the gift opening the kids found a great deal of enjoyment in the lightswitch and playing on the steps! Who needs all those lovely new toys when a light switch is nearby!?

 Grandma B. is a "hands on" kind of grandma...she has this crazy knack of getting kids good and wild...and they love it!

 Colouring in the new colour books...
 Love this picture! James and Grandma B. get so wild together...James laughs until I am quite certain he is going to puke!
 What a fun Christmas celebration!

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