Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentine Party...

We had a little Valentine Party on Valentine's day...We decorated the night before...Elsie loves to set up for a party...and I love having her help me. Since this party was "her" Valentine party it gave her a sense of ownership to help decorate...let me tell you, she took her role as hostess quite seriously...planning out every last detail, like where everyone should sit and where the food should go and what to serve! I loved every minute it...
 The little party favors included a bouquet of suckers and a little Chinese box filled with candy hearts...
 Our centerpiece was a lovely bouquet of pixie stick flowers! A few nights before the party I spent over an hour carefully cutting flowers out of scrapbook paper. Then I used hot glue and glued the flower to the top of the pixie stick. A fun, fun centerpiece!
 Pink cupcakes...you can't possibly have enough pink, red and hearts on Valentines Day!
 We feasted on pink cupcakes, red knox-blocks {sugar free, of course!} pastel marshmallows and red Crush soda...what a tasty little feast!
 {Just a fun picture...because everyone loves mini coloured marshmallows!}
 We had the dining room all decked out in hearts!
 Even the light had hearts dangling off it...
 A few days before the party Elsie and I made a fun heart banner...with water colour paint. Very festive...and yes, it is still up. I hate taking such fun and festive decorations down. I am thinking we might need to make a new banner with shamrocks in place of hearts!
 Soon after lunch the little guests arrived...the two little aunties and Braylon. A fun bunch...
 The two little boys sat together at one of the table and were pretty much the hit of the party...everyone spent plenty of time laughing at them...and they knew it all too well!
 James was in his glory...lots of junk food...even soda! While the girls drank their soda in the glass bottles, the little boys got to use some little shot glasses to sip their soda. Braylon took one sip and that was enough for him. James, other other hand, drank his fair share!
 James found it necessary to dip his shot glass on the top of his cupcake before drinking out of it...love the frosting marks it left all around his mouth and nose!
 Elsie...enjoying her party! The night before we put rags in her hair so she would have lovely curls for the party!

 Everyone dressed so festive for the party...pink and red galore!
 All the little party goers right before heading home...all festive and happy!
 I would say the Valentine Party was a success...I think we will be making it an annual thing! 

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