Tuesday, January 17, 2012


These are quite old pictures...but I still wanted to share them because I think they are just too cute! Elsie is become pretty good at writing and spelling. I find her with a notebook and pen all the time...she is constantly asking me how to spell certain words.
 She can spell, recognize and write her name, her brother's name and Auntie Emma's name...pretty good for a 4 year old, in my opinion anyhow! She is now working on her last name...oh but not Souhrada...you see, she wants her last name to be the same as her auntie's, Ostrowski. So, I find lots of papers laying around with "Elsie Ost". {because that is as far as she can get it!}
 I love this new stage of wonder...the wonder of letters and words coming alive. All too soon Elsie will be spelling words and reading books all on her own...I am doing my best to hold on to this age...to not get frustrated so much with having to take time out to spell new words...just to cherish this time and help Elsie embrace the love of learning.

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