Monday, January 16, 2012


I finally got myself a tattoo! I went to the tattoo shop the day before Christmas eve...everyone assured me it was terrible timing on my part and I would be in pain for assured it did not hurt at all. My sister Laura went with me to take some pictures for me...we needed to document such a huge thing like getting a tattoo!
 Almost three years ago I got Jon a gift card for the tattoo shop because he wanted to get the kid's names tattooed on himself...he had an apt to to get the tattoo...but he chickened out at the last minute! So, he said I could use the gift card if I wanted! yay!!
 I had wanted to get Jon's name tattooed on my wrist for a long I finally bit the bullet and did it! Now I am working on saving my money for my second tattoo...I want to have the kid's names done on the instep of my foot.
 I really thought it would hurt a great I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it really didn't hurt that bad. I would say giving birth with no drugs in a little worse...haha!
 When I first got home James kept wanting me to take the bandage off so he could see it...and he even learned to say the word, "tattoo"! He still likes to carefully touch the tattoo...he is very aware that it says Daddy's he touches it and repeats "dada!" I think it is cute!
 Elsie frequently asks me when she can get a tattoo...she plans on getting either her brother's name or Emma's name on her wrist. I am hoping by the time she is 18 her name choice might change!
The finished product! I love it! That is my actual handwriting...I thought that was a pretty special touch. Now I am working on talking Jon into getting a tattoo of my name...I highly doubt that will happen...but a girl can hope!

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Jennifer said...

I love it! I have about 5 tattoos and I really want more.

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