Tuesday, January 31, 2012


These pictures are from a few weeks ago...I had left Elsie at my parents house while I brought James to the doctor. When we finished at the doctor my Mom called and said Ceara had taken all the kids to the lake to go skating! So James and I had to go watch them for a bit...and it just so happened that I had the camera...imagine that!

Elsie loves to skate. She has 2 pairs of skates at home...one double runner skates and one single blade skates. So far she has not tried the single blades...maybe by the end of winter!
Colter went with to shovel off a little area for skating...but the kids preferred to skate in the un-shoveled area...go figure!
What could possibly be better than giant pom-poms on skates!? The pom-poms alone make me wish I had a pair of skates!
I think Elsie told me she only fell 2 times...not bad!
James just had to walk around with no skates...next year he will be old enough to try skating! Just a little FYI I do dress my children in hats...just so happens that they hate hats {and gloves and often coats} with a passion!
Getting a helping hand from Auntie Ceara...

I think it is safe to say that they all had a great time! Elsie has been begging to go skating again!

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Laura said...

Hi! I saw your comment on my blog; I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply! The wooden walker was made by my husband's employers. They enjoy doing woodworking and such so they made a walker :] I wish I could tell you that I bought it some where and that you'd be able to find it! Allergies to plastic... I've never heard of that before! I avoid plastic things as much as I can in general but I've never heard of allergies. Do you know any handy people? Maybe you could show them the picture (and I could even take better ones for you if you'd like) and ask them to make you one! :)

Thanks again for the comment!!

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