Monday, December 12, 2011

St. Nicholas Day...

Last Tuesday we celebrated St. Nicholas Day by sleeping on the living room floor under the Christmas tree lights...before going to bed the kids each put one shoe out on the end table in hopes that St. Nicholas would fill it full of little treats! This is a fun little tradition that we have done with Elsie since she was a little baby...I think my parents started this tradition several years ago when they joined the Catholic church...I don't remember celebrating it when I was little, but I know some of my younger siblings don't remember not celebrating it!
 This year St. Nicholas left an organic candy cane, 2 coloured peppermint sticks and some vitamin water...lucky little kids!
 James did not understand at all what we were doing with the shoes on the end table! He kept trying to put the shoes back on the shelf in the entry...after he finally got it through his head that the shoes were staying out on the table all night, he kept trying to bring out all of the shoes! I think he "got" it when he woke up and found his shoe filled with treats!
 A certain little girl must have been very, very naughty this year...Elsie woke up to find a stick!
 The stick was only a joke...all day, the day before St. Nicolas day, Elsie had been talking about getting a stick...and how cool that would be if St. Nicholas really gave her a stick. I am not sure why the idea of getting a stick fascinated her so much, but it did!
 When she woke up in the morning and saw the stick she just blinked a few times while staring at it...kinda like total dis-belief or something! I told her maybe St. Nicholas played a trick on her...and to check the entry for her treats. There on the shelf, she found her shoe filled with all the little treats! What a tricky St. Nicholas!
 Proof that Elsie is a very good little girl...Elsie always is ready to lend a helping hand to her brother...Love the way she carefully helps James get a sip of his vitamin water...Such a caring and patient sister...
 James was just over-joyed at being able to eat candy first thing in the morning. Neither of them were too interested in Breakfast...wonder why?!
 Happy Faces...
Tomorrow is St. Lucia Day...if all goes as planned we will be enjoying a little breakfast bed! Tonight the kids fell asleep by the glow of the St. Lucia wreath we had lit on the little bed side table...I love this time of the year...all the little traditions...They make life just that much sweeter!

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