Thursday, December 8, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...

This week has been a busy week for us...when we have busy weeks and it is just me with the kids I tend to forget to take many pictures! So this week I don't have many pictures to share...and the ones I do have look like they were all taken in about 2 days...I noticed the kids are wearing the same clothes in all the pictures!
1. Last Sunday the kids and I ventured outside in the cold wind to decorate the window box. The weather has been chilly here...tonight it is supposed to be a high of -4! But we have NO snow! How can we live in Minnesota and not have any snow!? Better snow before Christmas!!

 2. On Tuesday St. Nicholas stopped at our house! He brought a stick for a joke because she was really hoping for one! She found her treats in a different shoe...more pictures to come of the St. Nicholas treats next week...
 3. Someone got ahold of a green marker again while I was on the phone talking to my mother-in-law...quick as a wink he bit the tip off the marker and sucked the liquid out...he made quite a mess in the few seconds it took me to take that marker away! Thank goodness Crayola is non-toxic...not that I have googled that before!
 4. Someone had green hands that looked like The Incredible Hulk! He had a Dr. apt later that day too...lovely! Notice the painted toe nails too...thanks aunties!
 5. Love having a hair-dresser sister! Elsie needed her bangs Auntie Ceara pulled out her sheers and gave her a little trip...right there in Grammie's dining room.
 6. James loves to pull the foot rest out on the rocker and relax...while he relaxes he enjoyed doing a little computer work on his sister's little pink laptop! Too cute...
 7. Daddy brought the little trike inside for the kids to play with...and they love it! Elsie can whip that trike around like a mad woman...and now James is learning to pedal...he can get a couple rotations before his legs get tired! This picture is a very common sight in our house...Elsie pedalling and James standing behind!
 8. Today James had to have some X-rays taken of his leg...he fell last week while playing...and now he has a little limp and a "click" in his hip...his Chiropractor wanted to make sure everything was okay structurally before continuing with adjustments...he screamed through the X-rays...but the results were good, so it was worth it.
 9. Today James and I went with Ceara to Target...he had to try out every bright red chair in the fitting room area!
 10. Can you find a little man??
 11. See why I hate bringing this little guy shopping? He loves to hide under the racks...drives me crazy!
 12. These next 2 pictures are little and hard to see...but still fun! I downloaded a photobooth app for my phone...I think we will be having a little fun with that one! This morning the kids had the radio cranked way, way up in my room...they were enjoying  dancing/jumping on the bed to the music! Crazy kids...
 13. It's me with the photobooth app! I was just trying it out for the first time...early this my pj's with no makeup, bed head and no bra...yikes...good thing the pictures are small!!
Hoped you enjoyed the recap of our week via phone pictures! I am linking up with Life rearranged the link for lots of other fun Phone Pictures!

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Jodi@ said...

I think it's mandatory to bite the tip off a marker before your 5yrs old. ;o)

CUTE kids!!!

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