Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Making of the Gingerbread House...

When Elsie was quite little, Jon and I decided that part of our St. Lucia tradition would be making a gingerbread house. This year St. Lucia was on a Tuesday and Jon was out of we made our gingerbread house the Sunday before. It is always Jon's job to construct the house...this year we made 2 houses, a Christmas tree and Santa and the reindeer...more like a little village!
 Elsie was studying the box...while patiently waiting for Daddy to hurry up and put those little houses together!
 James is Jon's little shadow...
 Jon is a patient kind of Daddy...and he loves to make his children happy...even if it means building a gingerbread house and keeping his frustrations and swearing to himself when the walls and roof keeps falling off! We eventually took the hot glue gun out...with enough glue and frosting our Gingerbread houses were ready to decorate!
 James thought the tray of candies were really just for eating...after he would chew on a piece for a bit he would take it out of his mouth and put it on the house...and get very upset when it wouldn't stay on the house. If I used a little frosting to 'glue' the candy in place he would pluck it off the house and lick the frosting off! Such a big helper!
 As usual, Elsie took the decorating very seriously. That girl has patients like no other when she has a vision!
 Don't think for one minute he is decorating...he is stealing candies off my gingerbread house!
 Even with all the stolen candy, complements of James...our little gingerbread village looks wonderful.
 We have our village set up on the counter...complete with fake snow and even a few shakes of glitter over it all...because when it comes to Christmas one can never have enough glitter!
 A fun family filled afternoon of making and decorating gingerbread houses. My hope is that when my children are all grown, every time they see a gingerbread house it will bring back a flood of fun childhood memories of Christmas time...

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