Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...

Friday already...this week has sped by!
1. Our little town...hard to see in this picture but I was trying to get a picture of all the Christmas lights and the fact that we have NO snow...we live in snow for Christmas is un-heard of!

 2. A hug from daddy makes everything better! {Just once I would like to get a good shot of Jon!}
 3. A walk through the Christmas tree display at Menard's is a very magical thing!
 4. We have been busy making cookies...all with plenty of sprinkles! Tomorrow we will be making some Danish Donuts to eat on Christmas morning...yum!
 5. We have our Reindeer food all ready and waiting to be sprinkled on the ground Christmas eve...
 6. With Jon gone on 2 week tours our weeks get very long...and sometimes Mommy just needs a little we ordered some bar food and got a Red Box Christmas movie. A fun evening...
 6. Ummm...sorry, neighbors if you see a little hiney in the window every now and then! James prefers to be naked most days...I require that he at least wears a diaper!
 7. A few days ago Elsie had the little aunties over to play...and Ceara and Braylon came over to play. Not sure what was going on here...but it is a very funny picture! Braylon just laid there very serious looking.
 8. Elsie mostly just washes her hair by herself in the shower...but every now and then we wash it in the sink...and when we do, our kitchen is the Salon and I get to play the part of the Salonist {as Elsie calls it!} And to be a good Salonist one must wear high heals. So I wash her hair in my heals. Oh, and I must talk like a Salonist...meaning a very high bubble-brainish way. I am really not sure what kind of Salonists have inspired my daughter!
 9. My tattoo! It did not hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would! And now James can say "tattoo"...makes me happy!
Our week in Phone pictures. I am linking up with Life Rearranged again. Click the link for many more fun phone pictures!

life rearranged

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