Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Santa Sighting...

Being that today is St. Nicholas Day, I figured these pictures would be quite fitting! Last Saturday my sisters went with James and I to town {to stock up on 5 half gallons of rice milk for the week!} it just so happened that while we were shopping in Walmart we heard "Santa has just arrived" being called over the loud speaker!  
 I figured that we really had to let James see Santa...he was okay to stare at him for a little while...but no way in heck was he going to sit on his lap! I think this was one smart Santa because he handed out a sucker right away unlike all the other Santa's who wait until the end of the "visit" to hand them out!
 After seeing how un-sure James was, Santa scooted over and patted the seat for me to sit down also...and I was happy to do so...anything for that annual Santa and child picture! Tomorrow night is our town's Christmas in the Park celebration...so we will get another try at sitting on Santa's lap. And on Friday Santa is at the local bank...so we will get a third try then...fingers crossed that Elsie will also be in the picture...but I have my doubts!

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