Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Enjoying the Season...

I am sure by now it has become quite evident that Christmas is my favorite holiday...I love that there is a whole "Holiday Season" dedicated to celebrating Christmas. Which means we get at least a good 4 weeks to pack in as much Holiday Festivities as possible! Last week we pack it in like there was no tomorrow! This week we will be packing in the festivities in a much calmer, at home kind of making cookies and wrapping all those gifts that are over taking my basement pantry!
Last week we started off the festivities with Christmas in the Park. This is such a simple and fun music, bon-fires, sleigh rides, santa, hotdogs...a great time! The weather was perfect...not that it was warm...but we will take 25' with no complaining...and we still have no that alone makes it seem way warmer!
 First thing we did was wait in a rather long line so we could enjoy a sleigh was totally worth the wait! The sleigh was all lit up with Christmas lights...what is not to love!? Then we headed over to the bon-fires to warm up a bit and eat hot dogs. We stayed until the very end so we could enjoy the fireworks! The kids stayed up way past bed time...and that made made it way more thrilling for them! Elsie thought for sure we out until the middle of the night! Really it was only 9:00pm when we got home!
 On Saturday evening when Jon was home we picked up Grandma B. and headed over to the Winter Wonderland...We had to wait in the long line of cars...but trust me, it was worth it! James loved the giant Santa at the entrance...he was squealing with excitement and pointing and waving like a crazy man at that Santa!
 Elsie's favorite one is always the same one every year...the giant tree at the end of the tour of lights. She loves the lights...she is begging to go through the lights again!
 I think that James enjoyed the lights...but I think he enjoyed flopping back and forth between the front seat with Grandma B. and the back seat with mommy even more! He is happiest when on the move!

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