Thursday, November 10, 2011


Elsie is a crafter...she loves to be creating in some form all the time. She has a need to keep her fingers busy and her mind spinning at all times. I love that about her. I hope she never loses her creativity! Elsie's favorite form of crafting is normally based around paper crafts...painting, drawing, scrap booking...things like that. Lately though she has graduated to fabric crafting!
When we went down south to visit Jon's grandma, she gave Elsie a whole bag of her left over fabric scraps...Elsie loves all those craps! She used some of fabric to make a mod podge picture for Grandma B. for her birthday a few months ago. As of a few weeks ago Elsie's new project with the scraps is sewing the pieces together to make long strips. She is so proud of herself! It warms my heart to watch her working so quietly and contentedly on hand stitching those strips!
For now she is happy to use a long blunt needle to hand stitch...but she really,really can't wait until she is old enough for her own little sewing machine! I hope she will continue to love fabric crafting...I am imagining all the fun we will have crafting together when she is older!
Maybe I had to put her first hand stitched project in her little memory is a special memory! We also mailed a little strip to Jon's grandma.
Elsie has also been learning how to braid. We took 3 pieces of brightly coloured ribbon, tied them together and closed them in a dresser drawer...a perfect place to practice braiding!
I think it is innate in girls to know how to braid...Elsie just knew how to do it. When Jon was watching her, he said he thought braiding was done by twisting 2 strands together!
Not bad for a beginner! Love watching my little girl discover and learn new projects!


Jennifer said...

I don't know much about it but I saw in the Toys R Us big book they have a child's sewing machine. I thought it was neat but not sure what the age appropriateness is on it.

shasta said...

Every time my daughter sees a little sewing machine she drools over it! I supose before long I should start doing some research on them since I know we will end up buying one sooner or later!

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