Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...

1. Duct tape just might be my new best just kidding! We only taped him up for a picture! He thought it was fun...until he figured out he couldn't use his arms!
 2. Bored kids...pull the junk drawer out! Finding treasures in the junk drawer kept them quite happy for a long time.
 3. I think I have a "thing" for tape! I taped the kids in the entry! They thought it was blast...they used it more like a limbo game than anything...silly. Last week we had a path of tape running from the kitchen all the way into the living room, over the end table and making lots of loops and was a fun little road for the kid's little toy cars...should have taken pictures!
 4. I knew that Handicap bar in the shower would come in handy someday!
 5. I broke down and bought some coloured jeans last week!! I love them...and have plans to go back and get the hot pink pair next...I love style!
6. Wearing Daddy's shoes!
7. Part of Elsie's birthday gift from grandma B. was a dancing flower from the dollar store...James broke it...and we had I brought Elsie to the dollar store and told her to pick something special out. She walked all over the store...trying to find just the right thing...she chose a statue of Mary and baby Jesus. She was so happy...she held it all the way home going on and on about how she now had her very own Mary and Jesus to put in her window sill. So adorable...
8. On Sunday, Daddy watched James so Elsie and I could have a girl's day and do some shopping...when we left Walmart Elsie asked if she could please ride on the elephant...this was the first time she had ever been on any kind of ride like that...she never had any interest before...must be because she is now 4!
9. On the way out the door at Walmart Elsie asked if she could put a quarter in the bucket...I think she was remembering all the Red Salvation Army kettles from last year!
10. Trying on a new outfit...the shirt was only $5 on clearance at JcPenny' I just to figure out what of bra people wear with off the shoulder shirts!? {I am open to hints!}
11. Now that Halloween is over we have been busy with Thanksgiving crafts! Soon our house will be over run with paper turkeys!
12. Last night we enjoyed a little CMA awards...since we don't have tv at our house we made it a sleep-over night at Grammie and Papa Wayne's house! James stayed awake until the very end...he kept everyone laughing with his dance moves!
13. Birthday cupcakes! Decorated by Mommy, Daddy and Elsie...yum!
14. For Elsie's birthday she requested pizza from Raferty' bough pizza is a very rare and special treat in this house!
15. Before the Birthday dinner of Pizza, Elsie talked us into getting her some 'fries to go' from Grandma B's bar!
16. Being the sweet Daddy that he is, Jon bought Elsie some balloons for her birthday...but the wind carried them away before he brought them in the house for her. The next day the auntie's found the balloons stuck in the neighbor's Jon climbed way in the heck up in the neighbor's tree to retrieve the balloons! I truly thought he was going to fall out of that tree and break his neck! What a daddy!! {one of the balloons popped on the way back down though.}
17. A random picture of the kitchen guess it Elsie took the picture.

Another exciting week at our house...


carla said...

haha, i love your friday phone dump posts.....and some of these pictures had all of us laughing out loud! so fun! especially loved the bare butts in the bathtub. ha!

Jennifer said...

There's a bra with straps that come off and you can change them to racerback, criss crossed, etc.. you could probably get one of those and just wear the strap on one side!

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