Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My {busy} Boy...

James is quite the little go-getter...never still for long...he sees something he wants and he works and works until he gets it...right now he drives me insane. But I hope he never loses his determination.
 James began pulling himself up in a standing position at 6mo...he was walking by 9 mo...and he just keeps going. Right now his latest thing is climbing...he drags the little chairs where ever he pleases and climbs up to reach whatever he wants. I am not lying when I say nothing is safe from this boy!
For my own sanity I had to pack all the little chairs away...he was getting into far much trouble being able to reach everything! But don't think for one minute he has given up on climbing...he just uses anything he can find for a stool now...a box, a piece of tupperware, a toy...he is creative! Today I watched him as he pushed the doll stroller along, stop at the counter, give me a corny little grin then, quick as a wink, he whipped that little doll out and crawled into the stroller himself and stood up in it...all so he could reach the grapes on the counter!
I think this boy just likes to see how far he can push me before I official lose it! Lately most things he does makes me want to pull my hair out...He is the complete opposite of Elsie. Daily I send my mom text messages of some crazy thing this boy does...she just laughs and assures me it is just the beginning of the joys of raising a boy! {Gray hair, here I come!}

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