Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween of the most anticipated nights of the year...besides Christmas's and Birthday's! There really is something magical about dressing up in fun costumes and parading around town begging at strangers doors for candy. When I was younger my family quit trick-or-treating because we regarded it as something "bad" or "evil"...but we have all slowly changed our opinions on the matter...we treat it like a fun little holiday for Children. In all truth you can make something as evil or good as you want...and we choose to make Halloween a fun event for the kids. Elsie and I pick out the perfect costume choice months in advance, lovingly create the costume and wait in anticipation for the special day to arrive...
 This year Jon was busy working...he tried to get the day off, but he was in the middle of a 2 week tour and couldn't come home...bummer. So I planned on taking the kids out trick-or-treating alone...we decided to go to Grandma B's house and trick-or-treat along her block. We asked Emma and Marissa to go with us too...and soon all the aunties heard about all the everyone decided {the night before, I might add} to dress up and make a fun evening of it!
 We had 3 little cowgirls...well, really 2 matching cowgirls and 1 little Annie Okley. Could they get any cuter!?
 My little Annie Okley girl...
 My most favorite can almost feel the excitement of the evening when you look at her eyes! Auntie Ceara used a black eye liner pencil and gave all the cowgirls perfectly adorable!
 We had the kids dress in layers under their clothes so they would stay warm enough with no coat on. Who knew you could wear a short sleeved shirt and a hoodie under a turtle neck!?
 My little guy was a puppy...a brown and black spotted puppy.
 He was a pretty mellow puppy who just barked a little. He loves his puppy costume...he loves to put it on and admire himself in the mirror. In his little mind he truly becomes a puppy when wearing that costume...magical, I tell ya!
 My "Costume" consisted of long fake eye lashes, crimped hair, light-up pumpkin earrings and a pink hair extension. Pretty wild! Oh, and my sparkly high healed shoes...I wore them walking up and down the streets, trick-or-treating with the kids...and my back doesn't hurt a bit! {cue the hallelujah chorus!}
 My sister's and exercise girl, a diva, a pirate and me...quite a good lookin' crew!
 Just maybe I was squeezin' the girl's butt cheeks for a me crazy...
 ...but at least we got some good laughs. Sisters bond well over crazy things like squeezin' butt cheeks!
 My babies and me. We didn't get any pictures of just James and Elsie...because our little puppy kept wandering off when not being held in place!

 I think I am the luckiest Mama around to have such an adorable puppy and cute Annie Okley!
 Our little crew all ready to head into town to knock on strangers doors and beg for candy.
 James had no idea what was going on...but we told him to sit still and hold his pumpkin and wait for some candy. He did just that!
 Our first stop was Ceara's father's-in-law-to-be house. He took pictures of the kids and dropped candy in their pumpkin baskets...then we headed out to the next stop...
 Our next stop was the bar...really, no kidding! Grandma B. works at a bar/restaurant...we picked her up and brought her home so she could walk around her block with us and go trick-or-treating. The kids got lots of candy!
 When we were done at Grandma B's house we surprised my sister's family and begged for candy there. We then just drove around and found random houses that were all decked out for the favorite house was the one about decorated...complete with a fog machine and sound effects...very fun!
 My sister Laura's boyfriend dressed up as the pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean...his costume was so good...the long beard is all fake...he glued it on! He did the face paint himself...rather freakish when he closed his eyes! My favorite touch was the little cassette player playing the sound track of Pirates of the Caribbean. I though it was sweet he went through all the trouble of being so decked out just to bring his girl friend's little sister's house to house trick-or-treating! {I think he is a keeper!}
It was a successful night of tick-or-treating. The kids came home with enough candy to keep them on a sugar high for at least the next month! Great.

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carla said...

ohmygosh, shas, i love all these pictures. sooo much fun! im so glad it was a reasonably warm night and that everyone was able to be together - what wonderful warm memories for all the kids, big and little! and i love that all the big girls and ryan chose to spend the evening with the family rather than go to some party somewhere....

i say this all the time, but it can never be said enough...we are blessed.

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