Monday, October 17, 2011

For the Love of Tape...

Elsie love to give gifts...from a very young age we have always told Elsie whose Birthday is next...and included her in on picking out the perfect gift. Now Elsie practically has the birthday order memorized...and she dreams and plans for days ahead of time what gift we should buy. Beginning on the 3rd of July we have Birthday's to celebrate about every 2-3 weeks until the end of Sept...then 3 more back to back in November. So I guess since Elsie loves gift giving, she was born into the right family!  
 James is still a bit young...but it won't be long and we will have to make a point to teach him the beauty of giving. I love watching the anticipation and excitement that Elsie has when giving someone a gift...I don't ever want my children to feel jealous when they are not the ones receiving...I am completely against that crazy idea that some people have about "give the sibling a gift on the other child's birthday so they don't left out"...if you have to give a gift to keep the non-birthday kid happy, then ya kinda messed up somewhere along the line on teaching contentment and a giving nature. Just my opinion!
 Now that Elsie is older she not only likes to help pick out the perfect gift...she likes to wrap the gifts all by herself. I get her the paper, scissors and tape...and she does the rest. I love watching her carefully fold the corners...and use lots and lots of tape! Good thing we buy the big packages of 4 rolls of tape at the dollar store!
 My independent, gift giving girl! Elsie's birthday is next on the calender...just a few more weeks left of her being 3 years old...where has the time gone!?

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