Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rainy Days...

We love rainy is the perfect excuse to dig out the mud boots and umbrellas. You should hear the excited screams when I tell the kids yes they can go outside for a rainy stroll in the yard!
Sometimes I think the search for the perfect mud boots and umbrella is half the fun! The rainy strolls never last long...just long enough to make them happy.
James enjoys walking in the rain also...but a walk in the rain is nothing compaired to a good stomp in the mud puddle after the rain! Just a few days ago he and Elsie went out to end of the sidewalk to get the mail~ with no shoes, just socks...and quick as a wink James saw the mud puddle just off the sidewalk and ran over to it. I was not quite fast the time I ran outside {in my pj's!} to capture him he was half ways into the puddle...those muddy socks will never be the same!
These pictures were taken while Jon was home recovering from surgery...and he was working in the garage. We would keep the side door open on the garage and the main door open in the house so the kids could go in and out to visit with Jon then back in to visit with me. They love the independence of being able to come and go. Jon and I felt like we were constantly yelling out the door, "they are with you now!" But it kept them happy...simple things! 

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