Thursday, September 29, 2011

Growing Boy...

My boy just keeps on growing and changing...everyday he learns something new. He keeps us super busy and always has us laughing...and sometimes almost in tears out of frustration! I see more and more of a toddler in this little fellow. His play is starting to change. I often find him playing with one or two little cars for a long time...quietly zooming them around as a toddler does. And he gets wild and feeds off other his sister. Those two get SO wild together! They actually play together like "big kids"...and laugh and laugh together. I love it. And they fight quite well also. The "he took my toy" and "he is pulling my hair" has started. {oh joy!} Funny thing is that he knows just how to get his sister going...and just how far he can go before he gets into "big trouble" and lands himself in time out! {I think that has happened 2 times now!}

He still has some of the same loves...4-wheelers, motorbikes and dogs are his top 3. He is beginning to show an interest in heavy equipment and fire trucks. He loves to mimic fire trucks! And he loves hats...he has to wear a hat every time we go outside! He prefers baseball caps...we are going to have a hard time keeping a beany hat on him this winter! His new favorite love is a neck tie! He wears a tie quite often...with a hoodie or whatever he is wearing that day! He is going to creative just like his sister!

This little man is starting to talk already! He has quite a few words he can say quite well. Mama, Dada, "Ee" for Elsie. Hot, Hat, Socks, Book, That, Pop, Hank, Puppy, Popcorn, Hi...and if he can't say it he is pretty good at using enough body language until we figure it out!  
The thing I find the most enduring about James is how he loves to hold hands. If ever he is feeling un-sure or needs a cuddle he grabs my hand and turns it palm up and places his hand inside of mine. It must be his little way of feeling safe. Every night when I lay with him until he falls asleep he wants me to hold his hand. I love it. I hope he doesn't grow out of that anytime soon...

I think Daddy is the most important person to him. Almost every morning James grabs the phone, before we even get out of bed, and wants to call Daddy. He literally lights up when he hears Daddy's voice on the other end! James follows his Daddy around on weekends like a lost puppy...if daddy goes out to the garage James goes to, if daddy goes to the store James goes too. More than once there have been tears at being left behind when Daddy dares to go somewhere without him!
Love watching this little man grow and change. Sometimes Elsie gets frustrated with her brother, because everyone knows that little brothers can be frustrating. Especially when they eat your barbie shoes and wear your headbands without asking. But I remind Elsie how how terribly lonely we would be without her brother and how we prayed for a long time for a baby before God gave him to us...We are lucky.  

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