Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Phone Dump...

1. Today the kids and I went shopping again...we needed some new clothes for a wedding we are attending this weekend. Elsie is more than a little thrilled with her new should see how excited she is in the fitting rooms as she tries on several new outfits! This girl is a shopper...I am already getting worried about our pocketbook when she is a teen!!

 2. My project for the week was making this little white bow tie for James...I followed this tutorial from my Pinterest. Super easy to make...can't wait to make a few more!
 3. Elsie said she was going to pick out some new earrings to wear...I said okay. Little did I know she was looking my my earrings and found the largest pair I own! I let her wear them for a day...because every girl needs to wear a pair a pair of big hoops at least once! I was afraid that her brother would pull them out...but he never even noticed them! {please note that this was a special thing and we are not making a habit of wearing HUGE earrings!}
 4. Earlier this week the kids and I went to the mall with Auntie Ceara...Elsie came out of room all ready to go and just couldn't understand why I made her change! I love her style...but some days it is a bit much for going out and about!
 5. Elsie got a gum ball out of the machines at the mall...James just enjoyed trying to figure out how the machines work! This boy loves buttons and knobs!
 5. We found some super good deals while this adorable pair of Converse shoes for my little guy...for only $12!
 6. Shopping at Kohls...Elsie and I were shopping together and Ceara and James were shopping together...we all met in the fitting rooms to try things on. For some strange reason James enjoyed riding in this cart...he is not a cart kind of kid...but we begged to ride in this we happily let him do so! 
 7. My little fellow loves to accessorize lately...he loves to wear his tie...and sometimes even suspenders! Love watching his little personality emerge.
 8. This week I made a batch of Granola...James loves to eat cereal so I thought would be a healthy choice for him. He loves it! I will share the recipe over on my food the button on the side bar.
 9. Nothing is safe from this little man! He just carries one of the little chairs around with him so he can reach anything he wants. We find him constantly playing with the markers on the hutch...and taking fruit out of the fruit bowl...and silverware out of the get the picture...into everything!
 10. This is what Elsie does...everyday...pretty much all day. She lays on her belly on her swing and swings her little heart out. I will admit, it is annoying at times...but it makes her happy!
 11. She has Style, I tell you. She assures me that stripes and stripes go together. Okay, then! 
I am linking up with Life Rearranged again this week. Check it out...

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The Morris Family said...

Personally, i will hang with the little girl, stripes and stripes!!!

I love shopping at Kohls!!!


Anna-Leigh McClelland said...

A bow tie for your little guy, that is just too stinkin' cute! Stopping by from Life Rearranged ;-)

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