Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mind Jar...

As Elsie gets older I find that it is important to let her stay up "late" every now and then...after James goes to sleep for the night is often the best time for one on one projects together. In all honesty if I could have my way Elsie would probably stay up late with me every night and do little projects...I have about a million fun projects I plan on doing with Elsie on my Pinterest. But it seems 10:00 is the latest Elsie can handle before she starts begging to go to bed!

 A few weeks ago Elsie stayed up late with me and we made a "Mind Jar" using the link I found on Pinterest. It is a simple project...it is meant to be uses as a calming tool...in place of time-out or swats. We mostly just use ours as a fun thing to watch. {because my kids are so perfect we never resort to time-out or swats...yeah right!}
 Elsie had fun helping to make it...it now sits up on the counter and really is shook quite often. It really does make you more relaxed as you let your mind calm down and watch the glitter fall.

 The finished mind jar...right after we shook it up! It was a fun mommy/Elsie evening. Right after we finished with our project Auntie Lisa came over with some french fries and a movie...so Elsie got to stay up for a movie night also! A special evening for sure!

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